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[BANGTAN BOMB] ‘Butter’ Stage CAM (V focus) @ SiriusXM - BTS (방탄소년단) 

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Shraddha 35 minuta më parë
Love this👀💜💜
ARMY AND MOA 39 minuta më parë
Nina Ian
Nina Ian 47 minuta më parë
Taehyung my king THE BEST always
BTS ARMY Community
BTS ARMY Community 50 minuta më parë
Yayy! No.1 Spot Again. Wooohoo!💛💜
Roxana CG
Roxana CG Orë më parë
Siempre tan guapo hermoso KIM TAEHYUNG
светлана р
светлана р Orë më parë
Не реально красив
AS M Orë më parë
Visually vicious V is effortlessly smooth like butter…..
Jurena arnetz
Jurena arnetz 5 orë më parë
He is my first love
Flowergirl Snowy
Flowergirl Snowy 5 orë më parë
Truly Stage master, Stage genuis, music genius, national treasure. King of fancam. Idol of idols. CGV.
janka tata
janka tata 5 orë më parë
kim taehyung world domination
janka tata
janka tata 6 orë më parë
fancam king!!!
Bee 7 orë më parë
So why am I getting another member's fancam ad🤔
Srey mao
Srey mao 7 orë më parë
Borahae V
nan tae
nan tae 7 orë më parë
his aura is so insane, the emotions he delivers through his smooth dance and insane facial expressions. Thats why he is called stage genius and idol of idols, cause rookies literally analyze his fancams. Kim Taehyung impact is unmatchable
Flowergirl Snowy
Flowergirl Snowy 5 orë më parë
Howl 7 orë më parë
poodle taetae
Nitin Kumar
Nitin Kumar 8 orë më parë
Stream his kloud beer ad along with this fancam 🔥
Bulbul Kumar
Bulbul Kumar 8 orë më parë
Love you tae , stream harder taegers 💜💜
polymorphism world
polymorphism world 8 orë më parë
No one in the history can broke the record of taehyung bwl fancam, he will forever remain the king of fancams 💜💜
Tae(V)is the most handsome in the world
Stream stream stream, we are organic
do you know onionhayseo
do you know onionhayseo 8 orë më parë
nan tae
nan tae 8 orë më parë
nan tae
nan tae 8 orë më parë
nan tae
nan tae 8 orë më parë
nan tae
nan tae 8 orë më parë
nan tae
nan tae 8 orë më parë
nan tae
nan tae 8 orë më parë
nan tae
nan tae 8 orë më parë
IDK_ Nan_molla
IDK_ Nan_molla 9 orë më parë
Our lovely taetae
nan tae
nan tae 9 orë më parë
worldwide it boy and stage genius
VIVI Vivi 9 orë më parë
Happy when see your face Taetae💜💜💜
BabyV Taehyung
BabyV Taehyung 10 orë më parë
Those who filming his fancam from this to PTD should have a seminar from his fansite
BabyV Taehyung
BabyV Taehyung 10 orë më parë
Even the angle is bad but you are Kim Taehyung still you’re the best
Moonchild 10 orë më parë
Now I get why he's known as the 'Idol of Idols' 💜
Sellan Sellan
Sellan Sellan 10 orë më parë
I love (v) 💜💜💜
Catalina Guenteo
Catalina Guenteo 10 orë më parë
El video me salió en un anuncio, pero preferí verlo aqui xd
lakshu Tae 🐯💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜
King of kpop Taehyung🐯
aleena khan
aleena khan 10 orë më parë
Fancam king taehyung
kian kufa
kian kufa 11 orë më parë
나는 아랍어를 사랑해
nan tae
nan tae 11 orë më parë
idol of idols kim taehyung
Дамехан Торежанова
This man brings the world cute to a whole new level
Paloma Paloma
Paloma Paloma 11 orë më parë
Mehaque Khanum
Mehaque Khanum 11 orë më parë
ستريم فيك لوف وبتد و ايدول ولقو 🚶‍♀️
Zahra.S 11 orë më parë
Am I the only one who likes Butter more than Dynamite & PTD?! I mean I love them all, but Butter's something else! ^_^
nan tae
nan tae 11 orë më parë
kim taehyung king of fancams and stage
VIVI Vivi 12 orë më parë
Cool shade stunner 😎💜🤟🏻
Kimmi Emm
Kimmi Emm 12 orë më parë
Love his stage presence
moon V
moon V 13 orë më parë
Taehyung so beautiful and talented! I purple you !!
alkey dk
alkey dk 13 orë më parë
kim taehyung national treasure
Ishika 13 orë më parë
Taehyung looked absolutely handsome !!!!!!💜💜💜💜💜
Coffee Trickster
Coffee Trickster 13 orë më parë
이건 좀....화장이 너무 심하다...적당히 하자...안하면 더 좋고...제발 카메라 메이크업 선에서 끝내라...
Andrea Celeste
Andrea Celeste 13 orë më parë
Andrea Celeste
Andrea Celeste 13 orë më parë
k 715
Наталья Мирошниченко
TAEHYUNG is a shining star
Наталья Мирошниченко
Kim Taehyung is best face in the Universe...
Наталья Мирошниченко
Taehyung is a masterpiece. I can’t believe we get to look at him for free
Наталья Мирошниченко
Taehyung is that anime character who came into reality
Наталья Мирошниченко
Taehyung is worthy of all the love and admiration on our planet.
alkey dk
alkey dk 15 orë më parë
kim taehyung idol of idols and national treasure
alkey dk
alkey dk 15 orë më parë
Kim taehyung keep proving he’s an all rounder artist and an ace. He been chosen as idol with the strongest stage presence in K-Pop!
janka tata
janka tata 15 orë më parë
Taehyung is acclaimed as a top idol with the most powerful stage presence. V's captivating performances and impressive gesture ability is worthy of the highest praise as he deliciously enraptures viewers!
winter bear
winter bear 15 orë më parë
Kim taehyung is amazing
janka tata
janka tata 15 orë më parë
Taehyung has the most unique voice, the most mesmerizing dance moves, insanely stunning stage presence. He is literally the most breathtaking artist and performer I’ve ever seen. what a man
fi0rella 16 orë më parë
ARMYs! pls stre@m correctly. Wtv MV you wanna stre@m on yt should be played once every 10+ minutes at least! 1st) search for it on the search bar 2) play it without pausing it, volume at least at 50% and at least 40p quality, *including the ads, you can skip them after 30 sec if they're longer* 3º) search or watch any other videos for 10' and repeat: search play etc. If you're army you got tons of MV! the idea is to let pass at least 10 min in between playing the same video, get it?
Oca new
Oca new 17 orë më parë
Sevgi 18 orë më parë
Vera level 👌
Vera level 👌 18 orë më parë
V is my angel and king
V is my angel and king 18 orë më parë
Excellent dancing skills! Excellent performance!
Chi Nguyen
Chi Nguyen 18 orë më parë
janka tata
janka tata 18 orë më parë
we are gonna make this the most viewed fancam💜 our organic king deserves all the love
vaikus 18 orë më parë
True did u see how stable the views are he will be the most viewed
janka tata
janka tata 18 orë më parë
most unique performer ever
Taeini 19 orë më parë
*Taehyung* : Best vocalist Best dancer Most Handsome Most Attractive Best stage presence Amzing rapper *ACE IDOL*
Irin 20 orë më parë
무대의상 존 구려
20 orë më parë
Love you, V! 💜
mari Cohen
mari Cohen 20 orë më parë
Tan hermoso tae
Rochelle Ballera
Rochelle Ballera 21 orë më parë
Our lovely, talented, smart, handsome, kind, unpredictable, king taetae
Дамехан Торежанова
Our happiness Taehyung
Vante -
Vante - 22 orë më parë
Taehyunggggggg siiiiii
سموذ لايك بتر 😿💖💞
Ratha Keo
Ratha Keo 23 orë më parë
Borahae V
Julieta Poclava
Julieta Poclava 23 orë më parë
V la razón de mi existir♡
bluist girl
bluist girl 23 orë më parë
He's so beautiful
قدامي سووا ستريم
V Ditë më parë
Jesus lov u
Jesus lov u Ditë më parë
I can see why tae has a lot of girls dying for him
Karla Elena Jurado
Karla Elena Jurado Ditë më parë
V is a beautiful singer and dancer.
Sevgi Ditë më parë
Man hm
Man hm Ditë më parë
이사람은 진짜 스타가 될 수 밖에 없는 사람이여
i will ride on  V's spoch kahh~
I think some people reported V's fancam🥺....because i saw his fancam with 6.8 M views and now it's again 6.6M....and 10 min ago i check the views... It was 6.6M and 97k and now it's 83k...why people do that to him??🥺🥺
i will ride on  V's spoch kahh~
@Sara Ismail yes...they yt did this to butter as well...some people actually reported this fancam...
Sara Ismail
Sara Ismail Ditë më parë
it’s not true that reporting removes views, it’s bc yt is a snake, they do that to bts mvs too
Kumari Priya Singh
Kumari Priya Singh Ditë më parë
Why always Taehyung
Betty Guzman
Betty Guzman Ditë më parë
That is what the Akgae are doing on Twitter, there are accounts that promote this harmful tactic towards V. It is too sad.
Sushmita Mazumder
Sushmita Mazumder Ditë më parë
Everyone please stream all the V focus fancams and stage cams and increase the views. Show your love for V everyone 💜
罗季昂 Ditë më parë
See you again
homa feizi
homa feizi Ditë më parë
love you
Green Smiles
Green Smiles Ditë më parë
My handsome & beautiful taetae💜💜😘
fawn coral
fawn coral Ditë më parë
King Of Stage
Roxana CG
Roxana CG Ditë më parë
Me encanta baby como bailas eres lo mas bello y tus ojitos son lo mas lindos
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Shikime 84 mln
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